How to Wow Your Patients During Their Next Visit

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Patients

Patient engagement is key in attracting and retaining people to your practice. Without it, and you’re just another faceless business that doesn’t do enough for your customers. Standing out in your industry takes more than friendly service and accommodating hours. It takes full engagement of patients in your care, providing them with the tools they need to more readily connect with every facet of their experience.

Staying connected is important. But, sadly, it isn’t readily achieved across all healthcare platforms. However, this should take support found outside your team to connect all available resources. You need products that integrate with solutions across your healthcare enterprise no matter what type of individual software you may use. The result? Improved patient care, satisfaction, loyalty, outcomes and the impact to your bottom line.

Streamlined Processes

User-friendly…easy navigation…secure…these are all words to describe the ideal patient portal system. When it comes to medical billing, people expect those processes to be as streamlined as possible. In a world of one-click ordering on consumer marketplaces like Amazon, people are used to instant gratification. They want to pay and manage their medical bills quickly and easily. This trend is moving toward patient financial responsibility, empowering a sense of “consumerism” to healthcare, points out The Beryl Institute. Bottom line is, people want simple, easy-to-read bills that they can pay out just as readily as they can their mortgage. Make it hard for them, and you may not see a payment at all.

Studies show that a patient’s payment experience influences their overall feelings about their doctor’s visit or hospital stay. That’s why a streamlined medical billing strategy is imperative.

A Patient Portal That Works

As a healthcare provider, you want a patient portal that’s easy — for your patients to navigate, sure, but also for you to navigate as well. Open-platform solutions like Allscripts FollowMyHealth® tailors options to your specific practice’s needs, blended with superior connectivity and robust population health capabilities. Never before has access to information, health plans, care teams, and patient history been so readily available. It’s also the most secure it’s ever been, as well.

You can use this user-friendly platform to encourage patient participation by adopting an active role in their healthcare experience. You can access it on the web or via an app, allowing patients to send their physicians messages in confidence, gain access to lab results, view updates on their account and renew prescriptions.

When it comes to monitoring and compliance, providers should be able to communicate with patients regarding their care management so they can better comply with their insurance companies. From simple assistance to navigating around the portal to patient engagement consulting services (PECS), smooth transitions should be part of your day to day routine.

Making a difference for your patients starts with the right medical billing provider and the right platform for delivering seamless integration. Make them stand back and say “wow”! Then you know you’ve done your job.

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