Practice Management Consulting

Practice Management Consulting Services

Looking for ways to make your healthcare practice run smoother? Check out what MHS brings to the table:

Coding Analysis and Training

We’ll take a close look at how you’re currently doing things and point out where you could tighten up or switch gears. Plus, we’ll offer training so your team gets the hang of it all.

Advice on Using Modifiers

If you’re scratching your head over medical billing modifiers, we’re here to help. We’ll show you when and how to use them to avoid those annoying claim issues.

Maximizing Reimbursements

Everyone wants to get paid what they deserve. We’ve got some smart strategies to make sure you’re getting every penny you should.

Custom Interfacing

Tech issues slowing you down? We’ll create custom solutions to get all your systems talking nicely to each other, streamlining your operations.

PQRS Guidance

The Physician Quality Reporting System can be a handful. We’ll walk you through it so you can meet benchmarks without the stress.

Meaningful Use Tips

Navigating the Meaningful Use program can feel like a maze. We’re here with a map and some handy advice to guide you through.

At MHS, we’re all about making things simpler and more efficient for your practice. Let’s team up and get things moving in the right direction.