Why MHS is the Right Medical Billing Company For You

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Medical Billing

Deciding to outsource revenue cycle management for your practice to a third-party is a tough decision. While you may like the idea of keeping this very important task of medical billing in-house, there are many reasons why entrusting this factor of your business to a skilled third-party medical billing professional could be a more beneficial route to take. Choosing the right medical billing professional is key to unlocking many missed opportunities, saving money for your business and increasing your bottom line. Here’s why Medical Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (MHS) is the right choice.


Experience sometimes is better than education. However, you’ll see that MHS possesses both. Here’s just a snapshot of our commitment to the healthcare industry over the last couple of decades.  Our President/CEO, Stephen P. Brighton, has extensive senior management experience in medical administration as well as his extensive and successful sales experience selling medical billing services. With an educational background in Marketing Management and Biological Science, Mr. Brighton has built a medical billing company that can cater to business aspects of the organization as well as consulting with his clients on medical administration and reimbursement procedures. Our CFO, Regina S Brighton, has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education with a Minor in Exercise Physiology. Regina has several years consulting with various medical organizations for accounts receivable collections. Utilizing her medical terminology knowledge and consulting experience, Regina has worked with the President of MHS to develop the billing service from one client to over 1500 physicians. This focus on education and experience within our company is what allows us to provide excellent service to our clients.  Our leadership and staff collectively represent decades of medical billing experience and service to the healthcare community.



We guarantee to provide the most efficient, effective and professional medical billing service possible. We will continually work with you to provide the most effective and up-to-date services available for your practice.  Longevity of clients in the Healthcare industry confirms the strength of the service being provided. MHS is proud of the number of providers who have continually remained with us through the years because of satisfaction with our work. Our providers are our best advocates and are more than willing to act as referrals by sharing their experience with prospective clients. We continually monitor the market for the very best tools available to provide the most efficient services to our providers. As you explore our website, you will notice that MHS is at the cutting edge of technology advancements, allowing us to provide the very best of service to our clients. As the premier national medical billing company, we are proud to offer our medical billing services throughout the United States. MHS employs more than 150 personnel to handle the billing requirements of our providers, including a team of certified coders by multiple specialties.

Full Service

MHS provides complete medical billing, electronic health records and practice management services for Healthcare Professionals. Our full scope of services provide our clients with quality medical billing support at every turn. Healthcare Analytics, ASC Revenue Cycle Management, Student Health Services Billing, Revalidation, Electronic Health Records, Revenue Cycle Management, and Doctor Credentialing are just a few of the services we offer. Each service is tailored and customized to fit the individual needs of our clients.



Not to mention our extensive reporting feature. We provide analytical reports that can give you an in-depth look at how your business is performing, point out areas for improvement, and that will help identify ways you can save more money, collect payments faster, and increase the overall profit of your business.

Want to see us in action? Request information or schedule a free billing analysis. You’ll more about all of our services and solutions. Call us at 800-762-9800 or fill out our form here.

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