Why MHS is a Leading Boston Medical Billing Company

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Medical Billing

Medical Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a Boston medical billing company which evolved in 1995 from the foundation of an earlier company called Medical Billing Service Division, which had been formed four years previously. MHS was formed at that time because the two owners felt there was an urgent need for a high-quality professional medical billing service which could accommodate the greater Boston region, and that any company which could provide superior solutions and service would have a strong chance for success.

Since its 1995 founding, Medical Healthcare Solutions has always demonstrated a strong commitment to its clients, and to providing state-of-the-art solutions in medical billing which most other companies simply could not offer. Part of this commitment to superior service involves staying abreast of all developments in the area of medical billing, as well as having the capability to interface with all the current EMR software solutions, so that information can be easily obtained and used in billing. Here are a few of the reasons why MHS has managed to stay on top of the industry in providing outstanding service and solutions as a medical billing company in the Boston area.

Flexibility in serving clients

MHS has always been as flexible as possible in serving clientele in the medical industry. In fact, the company has gone out of its way to extend high-quality service to Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s), nationwide individual practices, hospital-based practices, large group practices, Management Service Organizations (MSO’s), and even university student health centers. With this broad array of clients being served, MHS has gained a wealth of experience which it has put into practice to better solve the needs of its diverse pool of clients. This flexibility extends to the specialties which our numerous clients have, and which we can support:

  • plastic surgery
  • podiatry
  • psychiatry
  • pain management
  • pediatrics
  • orthopedics
  • ophthalmology
  • oncology
  • obstetrics / gynecology
  • dermatology
  • general surgery
  • family practice
  • cardiology
  • dermatology
  • internal medicine
  • chiropractic
  • interventional radiology
  • urology
  • transplants
  • neurosurgery
  • pulmonary
  • gastroenterology
  • vascular surgery

As you can see, there’s quite a list of specific areas that our medical clients are involved with, and our staff has the skill and the knowledge to arrange for medical billing in all these areas. That calls for a very diverse understanding of codes and procedures, but our well-trained personnel are more than equal to the task, and that’s why we are routinely called upon by such a wide diversity of medical specialists in the Boston area and around the entire country.

Billing software diversity

We pride ourselves in being able to work with many different software platforms, and even in the medical industry, there is a tremendous diversity of software programs in use by various facilities. Being able to work with these different platforms has kept us on top of the medical billing game, and has allowed us to service a great many different healthcare organizations. Some of the software platforms that we can easily interface with include Athenahealth, Cerner, eClinical, EPIC, GE Centricity, IDX, and virtually all of the biggest and most popular Electronic Medical Records products which are currently on the market.

Our preferred software platform is the Allscripts product line, but we are equally adept at interfacing with all those mentioned above as well as a few others. We can also provide cooperative billing for those organizations which operate as health insurance cooperatives, and allow patients some direction in providing their own care. The point of all this is that MHS is a company which can adapt to almost any system in place at a medical facility, and still provide outstanding and accurate medical billing services.

Motivated staff members

One last reason why MHS has a reputation as a leading Boston medical billing company is the people we employ. Each member of our team has the same company attitude we have tried to instill in everyone from top management on down to individual employees. That attitude calls for a strong commitment to providing accuracy and the most professional service to all our clients, and to understand their needs regarding medical billing. When you have your medical billing done by MHS, you can count on having minimal denials and minimal mistakes on all your billing, so that payments are not held up, and your cash flow can remain strongly positive.

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