The Medical Billing Company Surgeons Prefer

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Medical Billing

Medical billing for surgery has become even more critical to the than at any time in the past, given the fact that network health plans have become more narrow, and there is greater regulation over surgical costs. Independent surgeons are frequently encountering diminished reimbursements as a result of all that regulation, in addition to the difficulty of filing clean medical claims which are approved for reimbursement.

It can make all the difference to be associated with a medical billing company which understands all the nuances of appropriate medical claims and coding, so that fewer claims are denied or held up for correction. A savvy medical billing company will understand payor guidelines, as well as their filing requirements, and can make sure that your claims are clean when they are presented for reimbursement. In this way, surgeons can increase their pay while having far fewer hassles with all the necessary paperwork leading up to reimbursement. 

Features which surgeons seek in medical billing

In order to keep your surgical practice running smoothly and with minimum disruptions due to medical billing, a surgeon’s best approach would be to find a very capable medical billing company which offers most of the really useful services that can streamline the whole process and make it more efficient.

A secure client portal can provide detailed reports and information, as well as billing resources, right at your fingertips for you to use in any way that helps your business, or makes it more efficient. An online bill pay system is also very useful, because it allows patients to make their own payments online, in those cases where medical insurance is not involved, and the patient is managing their own payments.

Some kind of a compliance program is also a big plus, because it provides coding reviews and chart audits so that you are aware of all the coding which has been used on your medical claims, and you can verify them before they are sent out for reimbursement. This means that any medical billing company you choose should have a number of Certified Professional Coders on staff, who are aware of all the latest coding requirements and can accurately match them up to the services provided for any surgical services.

Constant access to patient data

You would also probably want to have the capability of viewing your patient data and all transaction information at literally any time of day, with no interruption of service. This can be an invaluable service to have, when you need to understand certain aspects of patient medical history, as well as any transactions which have taken place in the past.

Finally, if you’d like to focus on actual surgery in your practice and eliminate most of the details involved with running your business, you can outsource all that to a capable medical billing company which offers Comprehensive Practice Management as part of their service. This gives you the best of both worlds in that it reduces your workload at the same time that it increases your revenue stream coming in.

For surgeons who prefer to focus on areas where their real talents lie, this is an ideal solution that can keep you working at what you do best, while leaving the details of running your business to others. Of course, that means you would need to choose a medical billing company which you can trust implicitly, and for this you won’t find a more reliable and trustworthy company than Medical Healthcare Solutions.

Why choose Medical Healthcare Solutions? 

If you’re looking for a company which can provide a complete solution to your needs in the areas of medical billing, electronic health records, and practice management services, then Medical Healthcare Solutions (MHS) is the answer you’ve been searching for. With a high level of staff expertise and employing the latest in medical billing technology, you won’t find a more efficient or cost-effective solution anywhere on the market.

When clients become associated with MHS, they typically remain with the company for years and years, and that’s because MHS is able to deliver customer satisfaction better than anyone else. When you find a good partner, you should stick with them, and that’s why MHS has so many loyal clients.

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