Referral Management Services

Referral Management Solutions


The MHS Referral Management System efficiently tracks and manages patient referrals for home health agencies, hospice agencies, and post-acute care facilities. With this single system, you can promptly accept referrals, ensuring none slip through the cracks.

Key Benefits

  • Instant Referrals: Using our system, customers can quickly receive, review, and respond to referrals. This capability helps capture essential marketing details and incorporate referrals from both electronic and non-electronic sources.
  • Streamlined Intake: Our approach simplifies the intake process, enabling you to meet your sales and census management objectives more effectively.


  • Back-office Sync: Say goodbye to manually re-entering data. Hospital referral details automatically populate in your back-office systems.
  • Mobile Connectivity: With our mobile feature, staff on-the-go can manage referrals straight from their web-enabled phones.
    Strategic Discharge: Easily send referrals, complete with assessment data, to the next suitable care level.
  • Efficiency Boost: Automatically receive referrals, drastically cutting down manual data input and saving 10-15 minutes per entry.

Take Charge of Referrals

Ensuring seamless patient care means mastering referral management. With the MHS system:

  • Get instant notifications of referral activities via pager, phone, or email.
  • Handle all referrals from initiation to completion.
  • Monitor the approval process effectively.
  • Boost the accuracy and speed of your referral processing.
  • Use patient data (like demographics and insurance details) from their previous care level.
  • Elevate patient satisfaction and service quality.
  • Promote your services online and track the success of your marketing endeavors.
  • Produce detailed reports with ease.

In a nutshell, our system is all about simplifying and enhancing your referral management, ensuring optimal patient care and operational efficiency.