Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Our patient portal is like your clinic’s digital front desk. It’s where patients can sort out most of their pre-visit tasks without making a phone call.

The Big Pluses

  • Get Ready Before the Visit: Patients can pre-register, do the check-in dance, and tackle paperwork before they even step into the clinic.
  • Pay Up Online: No more phone calls or mailed checks. Patients can clear their bills online, making everyone’s life easier.
  • Update Info Safely: Need to change an address or insurance detail? Patients can do it securely, and yes, we’re HIPAA-compliant.
  • Stay in the Loop: Whether it’s lab results, prescription refills, or setting up the next appointment, communication is smooth and straightforward.

Our Favorite Features

  • Message Like a Pro: Drop the phone, pick up the chat. Talk with patients online and keep a record right in their chart.
  • Heads Up on Concerns: If a patient’s got a gripe or concern, you’ll know before their appointment.
  • Phones Get a Break: With fewer ringing phones, your staff can dive into other crucial tasks and give in-person patients more attention.

In short, our portal is about making things simpler and more direct for both patients and clinics. Everyone wins.