ASC Revenue Cycle Management

ASC Revenue Cycle Management

As part of our continuing efforts to offer you unbeatable value, access to excellence and solutions that fit your needs, Medical Healthcare Solutions also provides our clients with ASC Revenue Cycle Management services for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC); services that encompass  both traditional service bureau modes as well as online connections from client sites to the MHS office. Through this element of our software, we are able to benchmark key Revenue Cycle Management performance indicators to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for our clients as part of our process to implement the right improvements to their bottom line.

Thanks to our vast ASC experience, skill, technology, and processes, we help you maximize your potential reimbursements through the evaluation and assessment of the complete revenue cycle for surgery centers of all kinds around the country.

Outperforming Industry Standards

It’s this approach to the revenue cycle that sets us apart, With services designed to outperform industry standards, our managers can take steps to improve activities that represent a high value. We’re proud of our innovative model that gives you the results you require from an outsourcing standpoint, blending cost and performance seamlessly. MHS is a full-service organization that offers custom-tailored solutions to our clients in the ambulatory surgery sector through Revenue Cycle Management, including:

  • Coding review
  • Experienced senior certified coders on staff
  • Electronic medical records interfacing for all pertinent information to process billing
  • “Superbill” or encounter form design and implementation;
  • Registration of patient information
  • Charge entry
  • Payment processing
  • Option for email or traditional mail patient statements
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Follow-up on all insurances billed
  • Online charge entry, scheduling and billing
  • Application Service Provider Model
  • Proficient healthcare informatics reporting
  • Online Insurance Verification (iVerify)
  • Automated Appointment Reminder Calling (iRemind)
  • State of the art compliance services (HIPAA)
  • Individual customized services for all providers

Innovative Models That Work

Through these innovative ASC Revenue Cycle Management services, you can save time, money and hassles knowing that everything is contained in one platform for the best results. This approach also allows you to identify the gaps in existing services that can be fixed properly and then positively impact your bottom line. To do that, we focus on key performance indicators ranging from month-end data to accounts receivable. Let’s take a look at some of those performance indicators:

  • Month-end data measures the following: aged accounts, collections, payer and case mix, percentage of denials and average reimbursement per case.
  • Contract compliance reviews variances in payments to determine whether payers are sending in full amounts as per negotiations. The use of the patient accounting system assists staffers in identifying compliance issues.
  • Claim submission ensures claims are submitted on time, ideally between 48 and 72 hours.
  • Payment posting ensures both payments and adjustments are being posted daily, with timely credit balance processing and balance transfers.
  • Accounts receivable monitors follow-up rates to maximize the collections process.