Medical Healthcare Solutions Featured in CIO Review Magazine

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Press

We are proud to share that Medical Healthcare Solutions has been selected as one of the 50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers in the CIO Review magazine. The CIO Review is a leading print magazine and online portal that bridges the gap between enterprise IT vendors & buyers. As a knowledge network, CIOReview offers a range of in-depth CIO/CXO articles, white papers, latest Enterprise Technology News to help CIOs & IT leaders make the right decisions.

It is a great honor to be listed among 49 other top healthcare solution providers in this series.

Our very own Stephen Brighton took part in an interview feature for CIO Review and was quoted saying, “MHS’ service-oriented approach and utilization of cutting edge technology allows us to provide healthcare professionals with medical billing, electronic health records, and practice management solutions.”

The article provides an in-depth overview of the services MHS offers such as medical billing, healthcare informatics, and practice management consulting services to name a few. Additionally, the article highlights the effectiveness of third-party billing and how it can ‘take precedence in determining the sustainability of a practice.’  A streamlined medical billing service only scratches the surface of what MHS has to offer and why MHS is listed in CIO Review as one of the 50 most promising healthcare solution providers. Brighton is also quoted in the article saying, “MHS’ services allow enhanced insights into medical practice performance with an outcome that achieves higher profitability and provides more time for staff to focus on patient care and increases referrals, especially in small practices.” Most importantly MHS can help practices, hospitals, and universities ‘experience immediate improvement in day-to-day collections, boosted cash flow, and reduced costs.’

We thank CIO Review for featuring MHS in their TOP 50 Most Promising Medical Healthcare Solution Providers of 2018 series. We invite you to check out the article. Click here to go to the article and turn to page 63.

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