Medical Billing for ENT (Otolaryngology)

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Medical Billing

As an ENT or otolaryngology professional practicing in the United States, you know how critical the function of medical billing is for you to get timely payments for your services rendered. But before these can be accurately billed, a lot of manual work and paperwork is usually needed by various authorities. These often take away from your productive time and can sometimes be a headache. 

Do you ever dream of a system that makes the entire process of medical billing simple, prompt, and effective for you? We are Medical Healthcare Solutions (MHS), and we are here to do just the above for you.

Making a Billable Claim with Revenue Cycle Management System

The core of any medical billing process, including that for ENT, is your claims and all paperwork in relation to it. You first convert the ENT service you have provided a particular patient into a billable claim. You submit this claim in the form of relevant documents and leave the medical billing company to follow up on the claim on your behalf. But, both you and we know that this process is not as straightforward and easy as writing about it is.

Now, with our full-practice revenue cycle management systems in place, we do everything for you. This includes registering patient information or processing and emailing patient systems, undertaking online insurance verification (iverify), or finally submitting your ENT claims electronically. Allow us to begin right at the beginning.

What are Doctor Credentialing Services?

We first undertake Doctor Credentialing Services. What are these? Are these necessary for you? You should enroll and certify yourself on authorized websites and portals for the insurance company. It will help you to reimburse you for your Otolaryngology services without question. So yes, it is necessary and quite advantageous for you, as an ENT specialist, to be doctor-credentialed with us. We undertake all the hassle on your behalf. Further, they will submit to the insurance carrier properly filled-in applications for having you credentialed. 

This credentialing service also lets the insurance companies know if you have changed the location or area. This also takes into consideration where you practice or have your hospital affiliations.

Electronic Health Records System

Next, we offer you an online system for storing all necessary and relevant patient information. We call it the Electronic Health Records System (EHR). It is a smart, intuitive system that helps you plan your day. Moreover, it lets you monitor, among other things, patient appointments and lab results. Not to mention the integrative benefit of having the all-important diagnosis and treatment information in the same electronic systems. This is similar to the medical billing solutions provider.

Medical Billing for ENT

Now, let’s talk a little about medical billing for ENT per se in the Boston area. That’s exactly where we are located and where your practice might be, too. With time, your practice booms, and the volume of patients increases manifold. With this, all administrative tasks and associated paperwork start eating up your productive time. It refers to the time you otherwise ought to spend helping patients alone. This is where we come in.

You and your practice need a medical billing company with professionals. These are aware of the numerous state and federal legal guidelines and rules with respect to the medical profession. It also includes confidentiality and insurance portability laws and their provisions as meted out by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). 

All our medical billing specialists are individuals well trained in all aspects of medical billing, including medical coding, which uses uniform diagnostic codes as per the ICD-10 manual issued by the Worth Health Organization. HIPAA also mandates the use of these codes from this manual as above.

Minimal Claim Denials

It often happens that claims are denied by insurance carriers on flimsy grounds that could be reversed and converted into a successful claim just by the right kind of persistent follow-up. Again, our well-trained professionals keep claim denials at a minimum, and should they occur, follow them up till reversing the denial. It goes without saying that our staff knows the kind of documents necessary for a successful, viable claim and that they ensure your claim folder has them all.

But at MHS, we go beyond the aspect of filing for claims and looking into denials. Our revenue cycle management also covers areas like collections management, posting payments, and bill adjustments.

Lastly, your ENT practice is essentially a fee-for-service practice, wherein the fees receivable depend on so many patient-related factors like underlying conditions, comorbidities, and in some cases, untreated diagnoses. Your medical billing company needs to be well acquainted with all the accurate medical coding involved in effective and on-point patient care. 

In addition, you, as a doctor or healthcare provider, should focus enough to treat your patient in a manner ensuring you meet all standards of American healthcare and there are no lacunae. Only a medical billing company offering comprehensive, thoughtful, and effective billing solutions can help you with this. We are that kind of medical billing company. Contact us today!

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