Barriers to Care: How This Urology Medical Billing Company Is Committed to Improving Patient Access

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Medical Billing

Two components determine the success and longevity of urology practice: timely billing and rapid reimbursement. Urology medical billing is exceptionally complicated, with modifications and other complexities having a significant impact.

Numerous urologist offices recognize the necessity for a competent medical billing service to manage their billing issues and increase their practice’s earnings. They conclude that outsourcing is the most efficient way to handle their urology medical bills. Moreover, in 2016, fraudulent provider billing, duplicated billing, and charging for treatments that were not medically necessary contributed to 46% of provider fraud incidents. Hence, the need for a urology medical billing company is essential.

Medical Healthcare Solutions, the leading medical billing company, helps practitioners with urology medical billing. Here is how outsourcing urology medical billing to us can help you. 

How Is Medical Healthcare Solution Helping Urologists?

Inaccurate medical billing is frequently why urology clinics do not get timely medical reimbursements. Urology practices might depend on a urology medical billing company to fulfill reimbursement requirements. Hence the urologist medical billing business with whom you work must know to manage the complexity of urology billing codes and modifiers. 

At Medical Healthcare Solutions, we are committed to delivering services with additional value that ensure greater reimbursement and minimal rejections. Our medical billing and coding services suit hospitals, physician offices, clinics, health professionals, multi-specialty health centers, and other practitioners.

Additionally, the urology service codes vary depending on the patient’s operation. Our medical coders are familiar with the most recent diagnostic and procedural urological codes and modifiers. Further, they undergo continuous training to remain updated with the current updates of urology billing.

Several medical offices are uncertain about whether they should do billing in-house or outsource it. By outsourcing medical billing responsibilities to Medical Healthcare Services, you have much more time to allocate to patient care-related duties without worrying about your collections since we are working continuously on it.

We provide efficient and trustworthy medical billing solutions to reduce your burden and enhance your earnings. We adhere to the most recent medical billing and coding regulations. So save time and money by outsourcing medical billing services instead of carrying these activities in-house and saving resources and investment on costly software and employee training and retention. 

Still not convinced why to outsource your urology medical billing to us? Here are the top reasons to do so.

Reasons To Outsource Medical Billing To An Urology Medical Billing Company

Better revenue via increased collection

We will prioritize increasing your income with consistent collection efforts if you outsource your urological medical billing. Your payments will also accelerate, saving your unnecessary worry. Further, we provide you with the advantage of professional and highly-skilled billing and coding employees who remain up-to-date with changes in urological coding and other regulations.

This assures that your claims are filed accurately and without mistake, preventing payment delays. Further, we are well aware of what factors cause urology medical billing denials and the procedures for avoiding denials through appealing them effectively to the insurer to get prompt payment. We are competent in handling rejections and have extensive skills and experience.

Better control

It is a prevalent misperception that outsourcing Urology Medical Billing would result in losing control over your organization’s processes. However, many think having a skilled and dedicated urology medical billing company offers them greater control of their medical billing processes. This enhanced control ties itself closely to the significant monetary and operational benefits that outsourcing offers.

Better Security

Outsourcing Urology Medical Billing to a urology medical billing company is completely risk-free. Moreover, we employ HIPAA-compliant and completely secure medical billing methods to avoid hacker attempts. So medical professionals must understand that their data is always secure. In addition, we have the necessary security measures and infrastructure to ensure a safe environment for your urology medical billing outsourcing activities.

No costly upfront investment

When a medical company outsources medical billing, it avoids the need to purchase software packages or other cutting-edge technologies. Following outsourcing, the company no longer requires updating expensive software. Since they don’t own a  comprehensive billing system, the expenses have been drastically reduced. Instead, you may allocate those funds to other areas of your practice to improve practice.


By outsourcing medical billing operations to a reliable urology medical billing company like us, your clinic commits more time and resources to increase patient retention and satisfaction. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service. Contact us to see how our medical billing outsourcing services may increase your profitability.

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