What is Allscripts?

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Allscripts

Allscripts or Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is considered a global leader in the domain of healthcare IT. A US company, it offers health care providers, hospitals, and doctors’ access to electronic health record technology and practice management systems.

The company offers different products intended for patient engagement, care coordination, analytic technology, and financial software.

As of date, its network has more than 180,000 users – primarily physicians and its solutions and services are being used in 2,700 hospitals. The flagship of Allscripts is also visible in almost 13,000 extended care groups and organizations and 40,000 in-home clinicians.

Allscripts’ Brief History

Allscripts is a household name when it comes to health care solutions. The company was founded in 1981, with its main headquarters based in Chicago, Illinois. Later on, an additional operations office was established in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Allscripts merged its healthcare systems operation with its competitor, Misys Healthcare Systems LLC of London, in 2008. Two years later, Allscripts-Misys also connected with another healthcare IT competitor – Eclipsys became part of the business organization in a whopping $1.3 billion deal. This merging of powerful and innovative companies and patient records resulted in an extensive database of clients in the industry.

Last year, Allscripts made two huge divestment decisions. At the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2020, AllScipts sold the brand’s EPSi business. This was the unit responsible for providing financial decision support and planning tools with health systems and hospitals as its primary clients.

For $365 million, Strata Decision Technology became the new owner of EPSi. And by the last month of the year, Allscripts also let go and closed the deal of CarePort Health, its care coordination business. Wellsky was the winning bidder for $1.35 billion.

Allscripts’ Competitors

The company’s top two competitors are Cerner Corporation and Epic Systems Corporation.

Ranked third among the best hospital-oriented EHR vendors based on revenue, Allscripts has the full potential of moving ahead of both Cerner and Epic Systems.

In the ambulatory market, AllScript competes with eClinicalWorks, eMDs, AthenaHealth, Greenway, and NextGen.

Allscripts Solutions and Services

Allscripts’ very first software is an e-prescribing system, well-known for its innovative and reliable features. Here are some of the brand’s services and software.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

Gone are the days of messy and indecipherable patient charts. An EHR system is the electronic and more organized version of a patient’s medical records. Allscripts maintain this crucial electronic documentation, and it includes all the essential clinical data relevant to the patient.

Among the information collated are the patient’s demographics, medical history, medications, previous lab test results, and progress notes.

Allscripts’ EHR system is not limited to the information of the patient. It also includes modules for ambulatory clinics, emergency rooms, lab systems, surgery, and wound care. It also makes coordination with other health departments easier and seamless too.

You also have the following options with Allscripts’ EHR systems –

o   Appointment monitoring

o   Care coordination and guides

o   Clinical decision support

o   Date source consolidation

o   E-prescribing

o   EHR Mobile

o   Maternity care management

o   Mobile access

o   Quality management

o   Patient Flows

o   Streamlined administrative tasks


Managed Services

Working in any healthcare organization, regardless of size, entails you to be on top of all things and not just your patients’ progress and diagnosis.

One of the services that Allscripts provides is managed services. While all organizations need to be on the top of their game with strategic initiatives in place, it can be difficult given that skilled resources are limited and oftentimes shared.

Contractors are an option, but they take a significant chunk of the budget. If you require a healthcare IT partner to support applications, planning, and project delivery, AllScript can provide the solution to these. In fact, Allscripts is the solution.

Upskilling, Training, and Education

Health organizations need to have employees that are knowledgeable about their jobs. Health care workers should always be equipped and upskilled so they can be better with their responsibilities.

One of the services offered by Allscripts is training and education –  a  solution that can provide health organizations with better leverage for unit and system functionality.

This system allows for streamlined employee training and improving user satisfaction while at the same time fostering customer loyalty through enhanced support.

Benefits of Using Allscripts

All working industries have zero tolerance for mistakes. But when it comes to the medical sector there is even more pressure for perfection in hospitals, clinics, and medical organizations, understandable because actual lives are at stake.

By incorporating and availing of Allscripts services like EHR, your organization stands to enjoy the following benefits.

A Comprehensive Patient Information System

Any bit of information can be life-changing in the medical field. When it comes to making a diagnosis or writing down a prescription, a doctor needs to know all information about a patient, and these details are made available by Allscripts.

With a comprehensive information system, the risk of errors is set to minimal and even zero. Everything a doctor needs is digitally documented. This allows the health care team to be more efficient in their work.

More time can be allocated to treatment and patient care instead of collating information.

Access to Information Remotely

Allscripts provides mobility and versatility when it comes to working. You can access relevant information, anywhere, anytime from prescriptions to history or lab results.

There is no need to be tied to a desk

The Allscripts software is web-based, but at the same time, it also supports Android and iOS making it easy to access information on your smartphone and tablets.

Streamlined Routine Work

With its incorporated tools and features like mobile access, e-prescribing, and clinical assistance, health organizations will be able to manage routine but important tasks more efficiently.

No more rework. There’s no need to revalidate. Repeat lab tests are no longer necessary. With almost 800,000 care guides within the Allscripts software, you can promote accurate and better clinical results, which facilitates better diagnosis and treatment.

Patient expenditure can be lowered because unnecessary tests can be avoided. Treatment and care can be given in real-time with inter-department coordination.

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Final Thoughts

With innovative products and services that are geared towards creating a positive impact and boosting efficiency and productivity, it is time for you to experience yourself the difference that Allscripts can make for you and your organization.

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