Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics from Medical Healthcare Solutions

A lot of talk has been going on regarding the need for healthcare analytics. The healthcare industry is now recognizing the valuable insight into patient care that can be gained from an examination of the demographics surrounding classification of patients by health condition and the criteria that go into converting your management of high-risk patients into one of the best practices. As we move toward a model of value-based reimbursement structure (fee for value) over volume-based care (fee for service), we experience greater access to larger amounts of data regarding patients: EMRs, billing systems, and health information exchanges to name a few.

As such, data analytics is one area that many organizations are leaning toward in order to achieve their strategic goals. According to recent polls, not even 20% of healthcare organizations have staff trained to collect and analyze the large amounts of patient data on hand. For that, more and more companies are looking to bring physicians into the data analytics process. By nature, physicians already have excellent analytical skills, plus they have the advantage of having inside knowledge of hospitals’ clinical operations.

Healthcare Analytics Services

Using the most modern information management technology, in tandem with the latest statistical approaches, we can provide you with healthcare analytics services which bring real value to your business, and establish a solid foundation for managing your healthcare operations. Some of the services included in our healthcare analytics entail the following:

  • Predictive Industry Analytics: Making use of statistical evidence, recommendations can be made that result in more advantageous outcomes.
  • Business Model Evaluation and Optimization: Through modeling, evaluate how any alterations to your current business model might impact future performance either negatively or positively. Use progressive iterations to achieve the optimal model for your circumstances.
  • Up-To-The-Minute Data Analysis: By using the most current medical data available, your staff can make the most informed and accurate decisions, resulting in the most favorable outcomes.
  • Enhanced Business Performance: With optimal capacity utilization and significantly enhanced patient service, your business performance will steadily increase. New opportunities for improvement will be identified so that even greater efficiencies can be achieved.

Using Our Healthcare Analytics to Best Advantage

Incorporating relevant data from a number of different sources, we provide a clear and accurate overall picture of your healthcare business, delivering benefits such as the following:

  • Gain critical business insights
  • Provide the right medications at the appropriate times
  • Assist with the timeliness and accuracy of medical research
  • Pinpoint risk in specific patient groupings
  • Develop applications with business intelligence built-in
  • Effectively monitor all patient care processes
  • Administer better patient care, more efficiently
  • Identify and implement operational efficiencies

Healthcare Analytic Tools You Need

Our healthcare analytic tools are specifically designed for physicians, healthcare administrators and billing professionals, with an easy-to-use reporting process that collects and sorts data from practice management systems, electronic medical records and accounting software systems. No more wasted time spent on manual analysis and reporting! Our tools help you analyze data in the following categories:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Payer performance
  • Practice benchmarking
  • Profitability
  • Quality of care
  • Patient charges, payments, and demographics

Medical Healthcare Solutions can help you prepare for changes occurring as part of Value Based Reimbursements and MIPS. Because of our use of the latest medical billing technology, our expert staff can provide insight into healthcare analytics and how you can make it work for you in your clinical practice. These ever-changing regulations and complex parameters can be confusing for even the most experienced professionals. Let’s make it easier for you.