Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records

MHS & Allscripts Collaboration

We are proud to announce our partnership with Allscripts, offering MHS clients an avant-garde Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution.

Elevate Patient Experience

Our user-friendly software offers efficient daily planning tools designed for healthcare professionals. Physicians can effortlessly track appointments, treatment plans, lab results, and more, all from a consolidated dashboard. The result? An enhanced patient experience, more timely services, superior risk management, and streamlined patient communication.

Get Started in Three Simple Steps​​

  • For a tailored AllScripts Professional Software demonstration or EHR implementation, contact us at MHS: 800-762-9800.
  • Benefit from a complimentary interface with our MHS Allscripts Professional system.
  • Harness a top-tier Electronic Health Records solution. After a 90-day post-launch period, you could be eligible for up to $18,000 per provider as a reimbursement for showcasing meaningful EHR use. (This amount is contingent upon Medicare or Medicaid stipulations).

Stay ahead with our 5010-compliant solutions, and be part of the growing community of over 300 new practices monthly, choosing the Allscripts EHR solution.

About Allscripts

Pioneering in electronic health records solutions, Allscripts is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare outcomes worldwide. Serving 180,000 providers, they boast the most extensive connected client community in healthcare. This vast network ensures a seamlessly integrated platform of clinical, financial, connectivity, and information solutions, fostering unparalleled collaboration and vital patient information exchange.